More than 60 years have passed since the founder began the weaving mill in the Banshu area of Hyogo.  And myself, then a young manager, has been involved in our company management for over 25 years.


We have experienced many changes during these periods - the sudden increase in imports due to the strong-yen, China coming out as the dominant production leader, the globalization of information and IT ... one can definitely say that it was a "dog year."

Even inthese times, the reason that our company has been able to stand strong and grow is due to we have been able to adapt to this fast-paced, ever-changing industry.


Thanks to everyone's support, we are currently a company that consists of many group companies. I believe that this is the outcome of my workers working hard to make the best products and selling them, and I am very proud of my workers for this result. We will continue to keep adapting to the times changes, and keep the strong spirit of making good products, which will hopefully result in our company's growth.


I myself am not the type that believes in forcing my business management theories and philosophies to my worders. As I felt so myself, I believe that the truth lies in the working areas, so my workers are feeling it under their skin daily.


But almost as a habit, I like to tell my workers, "Otento-sama (the sun) is always watching over us." Even during the toughest times, a new day always comes. The sun rises from the east and sets in the west, and shines everyone equally throughout the world. If you hold a strong will, and work hard, I believe that a successful path will be opened your way.

My strong hope is that my workers will enjoy working together and find joy during the growing process in their work as well.


To satisfy even more customers, we strive to be the best in whatever we do. Thank you.


Belief of Kazuki Ueyama















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