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Shuttle notes  シャトルノーツ



The modern textile industry has lost sight of its purpose:

To turn raw fiber into fabrics full of possibility and personality.

Details have given way to volume, just as texture and technique have been simplified and

rounded off for the sake of mass apparel and efficiency. Advances in machinery have muted fabric's voice, making it hard to find a garment with quality and character that can speak for itself.

Our goal isn't to bring back the past, But to createindividual fabrics that would lead the industry in any era. Doing so requires a unique and resilient fabrication process.

So we've combined an arsenal of restored and customized old-school looms with the most modern in textile technology, placing the whole history of craftsmanship in concert with the present.



目的を見失った現代の生地産業を、可能性と個性でいっぱいに :



Shuttle notes が目指すのは過去に戻ることではなく、どんな時代をもリードするファッションを






--Inspired by the sound created by the classic shuttle looms--

Starting in 1948 as a textile mill, shuttle notes built a legacy of high quality weaving and garment making techniques. By incorporating our traditional Japanese craftsmanship with the newest innovative practices and technologies, we have designed a brand that introduces a new and unique style into the modern fashion era.



-- 古典的なシャトル織機でつくられる音の影響を受けて --

1948年に織布工場としてスタートした Shuttle notes は、ハイクオリティな生地とテクニカルな

アパレル製品で伝説を築いていく。そのために最新のテクノロジーと革新を伝統的な日本のクラフトマンシップによって合体させ、独特のスタイルを持ったブランド 『Shuttle notes シャトルノーツ』 を現代に誕生させました。

Anthony & Coyote  アンソニー&コヨーテ


Anthony & Coyote is the brand which is good at making use special qualities of fabrics and never compromise on sewing.




fabric store
fabric-store  ファブリックストア


-- Our shop sells fabrics mainly made from raw cotton. --

Ueyama Group was founded as a woven fabric manufacturer in 1948 in Banshu area,

well known for yarn dyed fabric manufacture.

We have developed a wide range of businesses—from mindful selection of raw materials and yarn development, to enterprises in our corporate group like our fabric and garment manufacturer and trading companies.

Thanks to the network of our business activities, we are well prepared to take e-mail orders for our in-stock merchandise.


-- 綿素材を中心とする布地を扱うお店 --




BasShu  バッシュ


In Japan there is a consistent and particular focus on tradition, and there are many manufacturing locations which do not spare time nor labor in their conscientious and continuous production of materials. On of these areas is in the Hyogo prefecture (Western area of Japan), a place known for “Banshu Weave,” where our brand “BasShu” was started. Banshu is the ancient name of the Hyogo area. The soft, natural, Banshu weave with its unique texture comes from 200 years of technological tradition which has been continuously perfected by the pride of the local artisans, which leaves us with the deep impression that this pride is interwoven within our fabric. For this reason we have also referenced this within our brand name.

Currently, we are visiting not just the Banshu Weave area, but also particular production areas across Japan which are known for their quality fabrics, however the important aspect of “BasShu” is the fact that these artisans have pride in their work. We have inherited their pride, and by designing products with a high level of attention to detail we hope to connect consumers to our local artisans. By touching our products we hope that you will empathize with our hopes and inherit the artisan’s pride in quality.




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